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black is the new black

Are you looking for black jewellery that stays black even when worn frequently? then tantalum is an option for you! Depending on the surface treatment, this metal looks black to anthracite and is also hypoallergenic!  

It is very stable and therefore also ideal for  weddingrings.

Tantalum is the rarest stable element. Its density is 16.65 g/cm3, which is somewhat comparable to 18 carat gold. It is insensitive to most environmental influences and highly acid-resistant. The chemist who named tantalum was amazed at how resistant this element was and found a worthy namesake in Tantalus.
Of course, the tantalum I use is also mined under fair conditions and only comes from conflict-free trade. My supplier Haudarin from Germany is also a small label and we completed our goldsmith apprenticeship together at the staatliche Zeichenakademie in Hanau. These personal connections with my suppliers are very important to me because I know that I can support other small businesses with my orders. A list of certified tantalum suppliers can be found here


Sources: Haudarin

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