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fair, loving, extraordinary

My pieces of jewellery are created with great love and respect for the material and the work that has already been put in, when the unprocessed material reaches me. Whether gemstones or precious metals, everything goes through so many hands before I get the chance to create the final piece. That's why it is a matter of course for me to work as sustainable as possible and to maintain my own small cycle. 

Sustainable and ethical favorites for contemporary people

let's close the circle

On the one hand I love to create opulent pieces that glitter and sparkle and attract attention, but on the other hand I also like to work sculpturally. This way of working has emerged through my traditional training as a goldsmith at staatliche Zeichenakademie in Hanau and my subsequent studies in jewellery and gemstone design in Idar-Oberstein, an european metropolis for gemstone cutting, engraving and carving.  

Handcrafting my pieces is very important to me. I avoid 3D printing as much as possible and constantly educate myself as a craftswoman.  

Are you interested in a piece of jewellery made individually for you?

Do you like one of the displayed pieces of jewellery? 

Maybe you want to book a goldsmithing workshop?

Would you like to breathe new life into an old favorite piece of yours and want it to be reworked, repaired or adapted?

Also if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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