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all stones are beautiful

Just like precious metals, gemstones are mostly obtained through mining. It is interesting that many mined stones are not processed further, for example because they do not have the optimum color or show inclusions. I find these inclusions and colors particularly appealing and that's why I like to use salt and pepper diamonds, for example, because none of these stones are alike. This creates truly unique pieces of jewelry. 

Despite everything, the most sustainable stone is the one that is no longer quarried today. For this reason, I work together with Schütt gemstones, who have made it their business to recut and offer vintage stones. These stones tell special stories and even if the search for the perfect stone sometimes takes a little longer, it is always like a little journey into the past. 

On request you can also get so-called lab grown diamonds from me. These are diamonds that are not naturally grown and mined, but are made in the lab. Of course, this process requires a lot of energy, but the processes are becoming more and more energy-efficient and are constantly being further developed. 
In my studio I also have a small workshop for stone cutting. There I can also (re-)cut your stones if necessary. Unfortunately, this offer does not apply to diamonds and certain facet cuts. If you are interested in a recut, send me an email or give me a call!

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